Bhadra Sheela Memorial Institutions

‘Summum Bonum Disciplina Est

The Bhadra Sheela Memorial Institutions is a multi faceted organisation delivering and propagating pioneering educational methods and methodologies, with more than forty years of experience in this exciting and challenging field. Located at Lebong in the Darjeeling hills, the Bhadra Sheela Memorial Institutions was initiated in the year 1980, with the primary objective to impart to the locals a quality and affordable education in English medium and also to foster other necessary life skills among its students. At that time, such institutes were located only in the main urban centers and were a privilege of few, thereby, not having one nearby severely limited the scope of the local parents who aspired but couldn’t manage to send their child to such places.

A Bit Of History

We established a school wing in the year 1981 with a limited objective of catering quality education till the primary school level. In 1990, the school wing was upgraded up to class ten with ICSE certification owing to popular demand from the parents and guardians. Subsequently, in 1999, the upgrade to Senior Secondary ISC level also followed offering humanities and commerce streams.

Our Motto

'Summum Bonnum Disciplina Est' or 'The Highest Good Is Discipline'

Since times immemorable, men have asked and re-asked, probed into the depths and gazed into the heavens, searching for the highest and the ultimate good. With discipline mankind has achieved unimaginable success and prosperity, as well as brought upon itself indescribable misery. The good need disciplne but without discipline the evil also cannot work. Herein lies its uniqueness and the fact that discipline is honoured by both the good and evil, therefore it can be a double edged sword.,
We at BSMI strongly believe the discipline of goodness is the ultimate goodness, and if this knowledge can be instilled right from the primary stages becoming a habit of spontaneous nature, one would seldom require a discipline of evil.
With this firm conviction we have set our vision to not only educate future citizens in academics but also to instill the values of life as they step out into the world

The Emblem

In the fertile fresh green field does a five petalled lotus bloom with a lighted lamp at the center
GREEN - Symbolizes a fertile fresh green field, filled with full of promises for further fruition.
THE LOTUS – The embedded LOTUS, symbolizes the delicate rudimentary structure of sweet innocence that we aspire to nurture into positive maturity.
THE FIVE PETALS - Represents the Continents and Oceans,the Shilas, the Pentateuch of the Old Testament, and with the doubled number which are The Ten Commandments, also the Gospels of the Apostles with their Acts.
The FIVE therefore symbolizes a tenet number surrounding the lighted lamp
Lighted Lamp - The cardinal light of wisdom - from which and to which all aspire

Bhadra Sheela Memorial Institutions(BSMI)
School Code :- WB075
P.O. Lebong - 734105,
Darjeeling, West Bengal
+91 9434221555/ 9832012213